Infection, Inflammation & Immunity


Diseases studied by I3  labs:

  • Infectious diseases: West Nile Virus, Hepatitis C, pandemic flu, HIV, tuberculosis.
  • Inflammatory diseases: colitis, inflammatory bowel disease, arthritis, atherosclerosis.
  • Autoimmune diseases: diabetes, myocarditis.
  • Immune cell cancers: T and B cell lymphomas, multiple myeloma.
  • Metastatic cancers: Melanomas, breast and ovarian cancer.

Major research themes:

  1. How pathogens cause infections, manipulate host cells, and evade the immune system –Drs. Jean, Thompson, Harder, Horwitz.
  2. How immune cells respond to pathogens and tumor cells; How immune responses to pathogens and tumors can be enhanced – Drs. Johnson, Gold, Abraham, Harder, Matsuuchi.
  3. How immune cells travel to sites of infection; How cells move and how these processes influence immune cell trafficking and Tumor cell metastasis – Drs. Gold, Roskelley.
  4. How immune cells cause and resolve inflammation; How immune dysfunction leads to autoimmune and inflammatory diseases – Drs. Horwitz, Harder, Gold Johnson.
  5. How immune cells are transformed into leukemias and lymphomas – Dr. Abraham.

Research approaches:

•In vitro and in vivo models of disease.
• Model organisms.
• Multi-color flow cytometry.
• Confocal microscopy and live cell imaging.
• Proteomics, genomics and systems biology.
• Cell and molecular biology

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Infection, Inflammation & Immunity
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